Animated films[editar | editar código]

  • the princes and the frog

Gosh... Basically every character in the bayou ships tiana and naveen. Ray creates quickly a shes not my girlfriend miment, louis creates a romantic dance for the duo mama odie quicky finds out. And charllotte ships them when she realizes how mych they love each other given up her dream to marry a prince

  • the little mermaind

Max the dog loves ariel and tries to help her and eric stay together. Also sebastian sings kiss the girl to eric.

  • frozen

Kristoff family of throlls ships him and anna. They don't even care when they foud out she is engeged with someone else they process to marry those two anyway on the spot

  • rio

Tulio and linda ships blu/jewel, but mostly because they want to save their species. Also rafael, pedro and nicothey even make some romantic music for those two

  • tangled

Maximous the cool horse ships rapunzel and eugene despite of how started his relationship with the latter. Pascal as well

  • whreck it ralph

The laffy taffy of sugar rusj are fans of felix and calhoun. They even made a heart symbole when they serenade them. Also calhoun squad when they meet they the marines are glancing to rach other and smirking knownling

  • mulan

Moma fa ships mulan/shang. Alsi the emperor and mulan's dad in the sequel.

filmd[editar | editar código]

  • thor

Odin seems to ship thor/sif abd friga its just happy withvhim and jane

  • captain ameeica

Natasha ships steve/sharon

cartoons[editar | editar código]

  • phineas abd ferb

In summer belongs to you phineas seems to support candace/jeremy much to isabella fustration because he isn't noticing her affections In adition idabella ship isabella/phineas, stacy ship candace/jeremy and phineas & ferb ship their parents Ferb sems to suport isabella/phineas at leat in isabella's birthday

  • kick buttoski

Gunther seems to enjoy kick and kendall's kiss Kick tried ti help gunther to hook up with jackie In dance with the enemy when kick and kendall are having a very affectionate moment until domeobe say kiss her they lokk grossed out

  • gravity falls

Mabel gave a love potion to robbie and tambry who surprise works.

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