• In the scene in Shrek, just as Shrek and Fiona start to kiss, Shrek breaks the fourth wall and covers up the camera.
  • Played straight in Puss in Boots. Finally, after all the UST between the two, Kitty and Puss finally kiss. Which is hidden behind Puss's hat which Kitty lifts off his head and holds over their faces. Likely done just the give the two some privacy, though they hadn't really been discreet about their attraction before. Could also count as a (covered up) The Big Damn Kiss, because of the dramatic lighting behind them.

The discretion's also a handy way of dealing with the fact that cats can't kiss without straying down the Alternate Animal Affection path.

  • Ginger and Rocky almost kissing was a Running Gag in Chicken Run, initiated because the animators couldn't figure out how to make two chickens kissing look anything but ridiculous. When the big kiss finally comes, it is with the characters turning away from the camera, obscuring any actual contact of "lips".
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