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  • •Happens with John and Mary in WALL•E, when their hands accidentally meet on the seat control.
  • In Tangled, Rapunzel knocks Flynn out with a frying pan when he intrudes into her tower.
  • Anna and Hans meet cute in Frozen, when he nearly knocks her into the water with his horse. This later turns out to be Weaponized Meet Cute.
  • Lampshaded (and subverted, given what follows) in Disney's Enchanted after Giselle falls into her Prince's arms.

"And in years to come we'll reminisce / How we came to love..."

  • in inside out At the end of the film, Riley bumps into a boy at her hockey game. The boy can't even manage to talk, while his emotions are freaking out and a "Girl!" alarm blares inside his head.

cartoons[editar | editar código]

  • •The Powerpuff Girls episode "Mommy Fearest" has Professor Utonium falling in love at first sight to a new woman in the neighborhood who baked him a cake. In the episode "Meet the Beat-Alls," Mojo Jojo comes across an eccentric female chimpanzee (an expy of Yoko Ono in behavior). In both cases, the romance was simply a means to an end, with the man being a pawn in the woman's schemes, and the love is over within 7 minutes of episode time.

Mojo Jojo: You took my love away. Blossom: Well, you know, in the end, the love you take is equal to... to... Oh, who cares, it's just some dumb old song.

  • • In the Gravity Falls episode "Soos and the Real Girl" Soos meets a girl named Melody when she sees him riding a kiddie ride and finds it cute. Melody is a mall employee who actually works at a place called Meat Cute
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