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  • in sky high this is mr boy

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  • phineas and ferb ginger has a crush on baljeet, but the he seems to like both wendy stimplehoffer and Isabella, The latter of whon definitely has a crush on phineas who's oblivious to love. Meanwhile ferb has a precocious crush on Vanessa who is with a guy named johny. Meanwhile candace and her love interest jeremy had a long running while they or won't they before hook up, tough Albert has a crush on candace and wendy may have a crush on jeremy too. For added fun vanessa once flirt with hum too, but wuickly loose her interest. And Carl would just, apparently, happy with any girl his age
  • The "couples" introduced in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012): Donnie likes April, but she shows little to no interest in him, even when he's expressing his feelings for her. Leo had an interest in Karai, Splinter's supposedly dead daughter, but she didn't feel anything for him in return. Other than the Interspecies Romance between these couples, they wouldn't work out since Karai hates Leo for attempting to kill her adoptive father, the Shredder, and April hates Donnie and his brothers for accidentally mutating her father. That and the fact that she's seeing Casey, who eventually showed up. While April did eventually forgive them, by then she and Casey were already friends and growing close during her time away. And thre's mikey who fell in love with renet, at fist she doesn't seem to see hi in the way he sees her but she says she would love to ckick it in the futere with him, but in season 4 he fell in love with sinigami forgeting about renet, althow shini does not recripote his feelings. And raph fell in love with mona lisa, thouh at first she doesn,t like him, she endden faling in love with him
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