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  • pirates of the caribean on tranger tides possibly with philip and syrena. At the end of the movie angelica outright admits to jack that she wanted to tell him tjat she loved him fir the very first time that she saw him. Jack repricotes
  • in tangled was downplayed theur don't really fall in love until they escape from the kindom soilders, but they do havebavmoment both of speechless inmobility at firstvlook at each other, wich they do not emerge until someone elsevdemands a reaction.
  • in frozen princesd anna had fallen in love with hans at first sight, justificated as in universe a lonely child anf inmetiatlynaccepts his propospal. Inverted with kristoff whonevertheless decide to take it slow with the realationship anyway. Having learning her lesdon
  • phoebus from the hunchback of notedame is atracted to esmeralda and takes an interest on her wit. She doesn't fall for him right away, but its very quickly.
  • wall-e falls in love with eve since the first moment he saw her
    • john and mary also count they fall in love since thair first touch their hands. Tough is the first physical contanct they have.
  • carl/ellie at very last it seems to be ine side to carl given he can't talk wenever ellie isvaround
  • in mickies 3 mudketeers this happend with mickie and minnie
  • barbie and ken from tiy story 3. Its seems crazy but its like they were made fir being togthet.
  • in whrec- it ralph its played straight with fekix whi instantanly fall in love with calhoun.

Once her soilders stop shootibg at him and he gets a good look at her.

  • suberted in rio were blu becones atracted to jewel the srcond he saw her. Until she attacks him twice
    • this is is regonstructed in the samba club
  • in hotel transilvania the ones who fall in love with this are called zings

cartoond[editar | editar código]

  • happens in phineas and ferb when ferb sees vanessa for the first time. Isabella and phineas is possible the same case.
  • In the 2012 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon, Donatello falls in love with April O'Neil the instant he sees her.

Donatello: She's the most beautiful girl I've ever seen.

Raphael: Isn't she the only girl you've ever seen?

Donatello: My point still stands!

    • this also hapenend to mikey when he saw renet and shinigami for the first time
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