• •In The Princess and the Frog, likewise, Tiana is possibly the only person besides the King and Queen of Maldonia to confront Naveen about being a lazy womanizer. Of course, unlike his parents, she also takes time to teach him how to take care of himself which is a bit more effective than cutting him off and saying "You're on your own".
  • While Phoebus seemed attracted to Esmeralda at the beginning of the movie, he openly admires her spirit and cunning as she fights off himself and the rest of the soldiers. "What a woman!" he exclaims, moments after narrowly ducking a flying helmet.
  • Mulan is all about this. Mulan manages to first win Shang's respect after beating his challenge, then he falls for her after finding out she's actually a girl. She literally punches him at one point during the training montage, which gets a smile from him.
  • In Enchanted, Giselle and Robert seem to get very close after their "Can you say anything but 'no'?" argument, which was actually the first time Giselle felt angry about anything (she's quite thrilled).
  • Dave the minion falls in love with Lucy after she nearly attacks him
  • In Pocahontas, John Smith starts falling for Pocahontas after she outright chews him out for his automatically assumed European superiority and racist attitude against the natives - although she, of course, did it through song.
  • Wreck-It Ralph: Felix and Calhoun meet when she kicks him to the ground and aims a gun at him, thinking he's an intruder. He's clearly smitten from then on.
  • The turtles and two Salamandrians get into a fight over a Culture Clash in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012). Raph gets beat up by one of them (who he dubs "Mona Lisa") and watches her beat up his brothers, and finds himself completely smitten.
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