Wiki La familia peluche
  • Barbie in Toy Story 3 does this. Considering that she's a Barbie Doll, it's a weird moment in the film. Ken does the same in the follow-up short Hawaiian Vacation.
  • Shows up in the Disney version of Hercules, where Megara, naturally, is not a victim of Pater Familicide but a Femme Fatale.
  • Parodied in Chicken Little, right before the title character leaves to go stop aliens from destroying the town; he grabs his friend Abby, the Ugly Duckling, delivers a rapid-fire confession of his love for her, and kisses her. Her foot pop is immediate and rather funny
  • In the first The Princess Diaries movie (the protagonist's life dream is to meet a guy, fall in love at first sight, and kiss him like this. She expressly specifies the foot pop. Subverted three times and then played straight.

First try: Daydream sequence, when the protagonist is kissing the boy and she can't pop her foot because it's cemented to the sidewalk by used gum. Second try: protagonist and boy are hiding in a shed. Kiss is attempted, foot gets caught in fishing net and she falls over. Third try: guy forces her into a kiss with paparazzi surrounding them. She starts to do this, then takes off her sandal and beats the guy over the head with it. Fourth try: protagonist is (finally) kissing the boy she likes outside, her foot pops properly. Her foot pops such that it turns on the fountains in the garden as well as all the lights, demonstrating that when one kisses the right person, foot pops go perfectly. Anne Hathaway's character indulges in Foot Popping again in the second The Princess Diaries movie on two occasions: First attempt: Mia gets smooched at a garden party and she does the foot pop. Second attempt: Played straight. Mia encounters her true love (the same guy who kissed her earlier) and kisses him in front of the throne; she lifts her foot as the camera pulls back out of the room. Heck, she picks up both feet on the second one.

  • In The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, Black Widow does this as she and Hawkeye share a goodbye kiss.