• It's easy to miss, but at the end of Brave, when the clans are returning to their homes, one of the clan leader's sons can be seen kissing Merida's hand as they prepare to leave. Given that Merida and all three of the sons agreed that they weren't ready to be married, it likely was meant as a sign of friendship or respect (she's still, after all, the king's daughter).
  • Anytime Thor kisses Jane's hand. Particularly the first time, since it was after Thor was causing nothing but trouble for Jane and Jane decides she can't be involved anymore and apologizes for being unable to take him where he wants to go, he thanks her for everything she's done for him and just kisses her hand.

And also in The Big Damn Kiss where Thor and Jane lean forward to kiss, only for Thor to hesitate and kiss her her hand instead. Jane pulls him into a kiss anyways.

  • Guardians of the Galaxy. The Collector does this to Gamora on first meeting her. It's only a light peck, but it adds to the creepy vibe.
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