Gru lucy kiss

Es la combinacion de Los nombres de gru y Lucy de mi villano favorito

Gru and Lucy's Wedding

Gru and Lucy's Wedding


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  • She has some shades of this when she spies Gru's date with Shannon.
  • The Tiny Girl to Gru's Huge Guy. To be more precise, Lucy is taller than Gru because of her heels; without them she might be around his height or still a little taller than him. Gru, on the other hand, is more bulky and muscular than Lucy.
  • The bubbly, Nice Girl, smiling Lucy fell in love with the sarcastic, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, frowning Gru.
  • The Hot Wife to Gru's Ugly Guy. A downplayed example: Lucy is pretty average herself, but she's still more attractive than Gru who is bald, big-nosed and weird looking.
  • To Gru, as Lucy was the first woman he developed strong feelings for after his disastrous first crush as a child.

shes 30 gru is 50

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Gru and Lucy Just a cloud away

Gru and Lucy Just a cloud away

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