• •Subverted in Tangled where Rapunzel and Flynn were trying to reach each other during the "Kingdom Dance" but don't come together until the song has ended.
  • Rio. After dancing a samba duet, Blu and Jewel are on the verge of kissing... until the bad guys turn up.
  • •In Frozen, Anna and Hans do this. Well, Anna falls in love....
  • •The dance party scene in Chicken Run includes one for the two leads (especially significant for the heroine.) Unlike most examples, it uses a fast-tempo song.

• Happens to Kick and Kendall in the episode "Dancing With the Enemy" on Kick Buttowski when they both share their first mutual hint of being attracted to one another (Kendall being the only one that sort of have hinted at it for a second or two previously)... however, the moment is broken thanks to an off-screen classmate who is apparently an on board shipper for this couple. Kick: "You're so elegant..."

Kendall: "And you're so awesome..."

Off-Screen Kid: "KISS HER!" "needle scratch"

  • •This is the way Robert and Giselle both realize that they were meant to be with each other in Enchanted. It's also the only possible way they could justify Edward and Nancy, even though both of them were glaring at their respective partners the whole time.
  • In Iron Man, Tony Stark first seems to notice Pepper romantically when he gets her out onto the dance floor for a nice slow waltz. They have an awkward and comedic conversation about it afterwards.
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