• In Bruce Almighty, after testing out his new, near-infinite Godly Powers, Bruce uses them to create a new breed of flowers, in order to make up with his girlfriend after an argument. Heavenly Coitus Ensues.
  • In Tarzan, the titular character goes through a slideshow and sees an image of a man giving flowers to a woman. He puts together that this is how the English propose to each other, so he goes about the jungle collecting flowers to make a bouquet for Jane. He accidentally bumps into her in the process, bursting the bouquet apart and leaving him with only two flowers, which oddly makes his request for Jane to stay even sadder.
  • in Spiderman 3 brought flowers to mj (harry brought her bigger ones, but she's still love Peter ones)
  • in the plan fame Joe tells Peyton to give Monique some flowers.
  • in a SpongeBob episode mr krabs falls in Love at first sight with mrs. Puff. When they're about to date he orders SpongeBob to buy some flowers (even when he orders him to refuses to waste his money)
  • En el capitulo "corazón nuevo" de la rosa de Guadalupe Gustavo le envía a lorena un ramo de rosas a su casa, aunque su abuelita y su hermanita Fabiana les parecio un lindo detalle ella se las regresa a su jefe, pero después se termina enamorada de el
  • in sharktales when oscar was about to tell Angie that he loves her he buys a lot of gifs like balons chocolates and a bouquet of flowers
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