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  • Shrek 2 has one of these. (if you look carefully, you'll see that the bottle has "IX" written on it.) Fiona's fairy godmother orders the king to pours into fiona's drink so that she will fall in love with prince charming instead of Shrek. It doesn't work because the king decides not to give Fiona the potion-lanced drink after sees how much she loves Shrek.

cartoons[editar | editar código]

  • an episode of lilo and stich series had an hummingbird-like creature experiment called hunkahunka, who anyone pecked with It would fall in love with the next person they saw. The antidote was begin sprayed with water.
  • Mabel from grvity falls end up stealing one from a love god in the episode called the love god to use in Robbie and tambry. The love god also has several varieties of potions from sunch loves as summer love, Interespecies romance, and an anti-love potion to reverse the effects of the previous types. It's also a rare example whre the characters end up simply letting the characters remain in love rather to try to reverse it to solve any problem it cause (witch ended up taking itself).
  • inverted in hey arnold when Helga buys a fall-out-of-love potion... Of course, turns out it was just some grape soda.
  • a Pluto short on the house of mose hads Pluto finding in a dumpster magical love arrows. As it turns out, there's a reason of those arrows were in the trash: They don't fly straight and Pluto ends up hitting the wrong target
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